original blend pack that is highlighted with herbs contained in the product

Original Pack

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Ingredients: 100% Hemp Flower/kąhuxañe uxra*
*= Ioway Translation

Our signature Original blend only uses hemp grown by our tribe using our indigenous agricultural practices. Along the rolling hills, river bluffs, and pasture lands of our reservation in north-eastern Kansas, our hemp brings life to the land.  Soje’s Original blend uses pure  Kąhuxañe Uxra, the Ioway name for hemp flower. We never use any pesticides, herbicides, or inorganic fertilizers with our crop. By bringing ourselves back to our Native roots we set the intention to bring life and healing back to our lands. Within each pack of our Native hemp cigarettes contains 1000+ mg of full spectrum CBD to ensure that from soil to soul, balance is found. From the pack, to the paper, to the filter, all the components are biodegradable giving a distinctively different smoking experience.