Our Mission

To restore, revitalize, and regenerate our lands, our tribe, and our culture by connecting people back to nature.

SOJE - Ioway for smoke

The burning and smoking of medicinal herbs is an integral part of Indigenous practices across the world. Our products honor this millennia-old practice for the benefit of the body, mind, and spirit.

Native Grown

Soje hemp cigarettes are made from regeneratively grown hemp cultivated on the lands of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. Using regenerative growing practices we uplift the health and vitality of the lands, tribal communities, and the customers who look to Soje for a distinctively different smoking experience.

Native Owned

Soje is owned and operated by Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, which reinvests all revenues into programs that serve the tribe and Native American communities across the continent. Soje seeks to support indigenous communities and provides new job opportunities for economic development as well as investing into rural economies.


Regeneratively Grown Hemp

Our farmers use Native and regenerative agricultural practices to produce safe, pure, and satisfying sun-grown hemp. Each SOJE hemp cigarette contains only natural ingredients, grown through natural means, without any tobacco, nicotine, or any harmful additives. 

Native American Smoking Blends

SOJE's smoking blends feature organic and regeneratively grown herbs used by Native American tribes across the United States to support the well-being of body and spirit. Flavorful and beneficial herbs like kinnikinnick, damiana, and prairie sage provide a smooth, restorative smoking experience.

Enjoy Anywhere

There's more than one way to enjoy the therapeutic and refreshing hemp herbal blends found in Soje cigarettes. In addition to premium smokability, the contents of each cigarette can also be made into an herbal tea you can sip during your travels, before bed, or anywhere else the mood strikes you! 


Natural. Native. Original. Always.