The history of the Hemp Flower in Native Culture

What is hemp flower

Hemp is a variety of cannabis with a limit of .3% THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound in cannabis. The THC level of hemp flower is under 0.3 percent, which cannot get you "high.” Hemp flower has been popularized in the USA, with statements by the World Health Organization (WHO) touting hemp-derived compounds as an effective treatment for many diseases and conditions - including pain management, epilepsy, nausea control, and other medical issues.

Tea pot pouring marijuana leaves into a tea cup

Does CBD hemp flower do anything?

CBD hemp flower is a natural remedy for many ailments. CBD hemp flower has been used to treat various conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. It is the same plant as cannabis, but it has very minimal levels of THC. 

What is hemp flower used for?

Hemp flower is a cannabis product that is used for many different purposes. Some use hemp flower as a dietary supplement, while others use it for hemp’s healing benefits. In small amounts, hemp flower have been shown to have a mild effect on the body and can be smoked, vaped, put in tinctures, or consumed in food. Hemp flower is being studied for its various medical applications, but nothing definitive has been found yet.

Effects and uses

When people use hemp flower, their mental and emotional state can be altered in different ways. A person may feel sedated, or they may become more concentrated and focused. Both can be helpful when they're trying to tamp down certain feelings or pain. Some people also find that hemp flower make them have less anxiety and become more socially aware. 

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Smoking Hemp Flower

Smoking CBD hemp flower can be one of the top ways to experience CBD’s benefits. People smoke hemp flower to get a feeling that is similar to marijuana without the adverse side effects. Smoking hemp can make you feel relaxed and can provide a mild euphoric feeling.

Top shelf CBD flower

Top shelf CBD hemp flower contains high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) and less than .3% of THC, giving the best CBD effect possible. Producing high-quality CBD flower is a long process that starts with understanding our environment and soil, selecting plant cultivars which are adapted to those factors, using high quality regenerative agricultural practices which promote plant health and cannabinoid synthesis, hand harvesting when the plants are at their peak aroma and cannabinoid content, hang drying them at low temperatures to preserve their terpenes, trimming the flowers for excess leaf matter, and finally, and most importantly, curing our flower for a two week period until it is fully sealed for future processing. High-quality CBD flower has been found to have a variety of benefits. The most significant is its anti-inflammatory abilities. This is because cannabinoids reduce the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines in a person’s body, thereby decreasing inflammation. 

What are the best hemp cigarettes?

Because of their various blends, including mint, original, and floral, and their high-quality herbs, Soje produces the best hemp cigarettes on the market. They only use pure hemp flower grown by their tribe and other organic or wild harvested herbal plant medicines indigenous to ours and other regional tribes in their hemp cigarettes. By using the most refined, unprocessed hemp flower, Soje makes a hemp cigarette that is enjoyable and effective.

Do hemp cigarettes taste good?

When created with quality craft hemp flower with distinct terpenes and mouthfeel, hemp cigarettes can be enjoyable. When you add additional herbs to your cigarette, you increase the benefits you receive from those herbs and the overall taste of your smoke.

Reasons to smoke

One of the reasons to use hemp cigarettes is that they are grown from natural plants. Unlike other types of tobacco, the plants used in the production of hemp cigarettes do not require pesticides or herbicides. Additionally, since hemp is a plant with low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), people who smoke hemp cigarettes don't experience a "high" like people who smoke marijuana. Hemp cigarettes contains zero nicotine or additives, making them perfect for people trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes or other nicotine alternatives. 

Hemp Flower in Native culture/traditions meaning

The Ioway name for hemp flower is Kąhuxañe Uxra, which means “tall flower.” Hemp is smoked in Native American communities and is used for anti-inflammation and pain management, among other reasons. Hemp flower has been seen more and more as a relaxing alternative to tobacco, with hemp being an effective nicotine replacement therapy. It is still used by Native American tribes today, and some of these tribes grow and produce hemp flowers for various commercial uses.

Hemp Flower and Hemp Cigarettes - Soje Floral blend

To enjoy a high-quality hemp cigarette, you require the top hemp flower and the best combination of organic ingredients. With Soje cigarettes, you can experience a variety of tastes. Our flower blend combines the purest hemp flower with ingredients like uva ursi, damiana, raspberry leaf, and more to provide a floral hemp cigarette. Our mint blend combines the flower with peppermint and prairie sage, while our original blend is 100% pure regeneratively grown hemp.