The good medicine of Prairie Sage

What is Prairie Sage?

Prairie sage is a plant that is native to the grasslands of North America. The name comes from the shrubby plants growing on prairies and plains. It grows 1-3 feet tall and has grayish-brown foliage, white flowers, and a sweet scent. The medicinal properties of this plant include a variety of purposes like helping with digestion, reducing swelling, relieving pain, and more.

ceremonial white sage burning with shell in background

Prairie sage uses and benefits

Prairie sage is a plant that has a rich history of utilization by Native American tribes. This plant can be used for various purposes such as a preservative for meat, horse feed, insect repellent when burned, or medical reasons. In addition, the plant has other uses that include clothing, potpourri, and deterring insects and some animals. The leaves also have anti-inflammatory properties and can be given to people and animals such as cats, dogs, and horses when they have arthritis.

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What are the Health Benefits of Sage?

Sage is a plant that has many health benefits, but they have not been scientifically proven. Sage is capable of regulating blood sugar levels, which can help people with diabetes. It also contains antioxidants that are known to be helpful in the prevention of certain forms of cancer. Sage is a prevalent remedy for treating colds and flu and can alleviate toothache, headache, coughing, lung ailments, and heartburn. For instance, people suffering from various lung ailments would be given this plant so that their cough could get better.

What Happens Spiritually When you Burn Sage?

Burning sage releases powerful smoke that Native Americans believe connects them with the spiritual realm. You can burn it for various purposes, such as to make an area free from negative energy, cleanse a person or object, or clear a space for meditation. It's also used in ceremonial rites and rituals for these purification purposes.

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How does Burning Sage get rid of Negative Energy?

In various cultures, burning or smudging plants such as sage has been common practice for centuries. It's a way to cleanse homes and sacred objects of any negative influences, heal past emotional wounds associated with a person, or instill a sense of peace into a space. In Native American tradition, it's believed that when the smoke from burning Sage enters our bodies, it clears away all traces of negativity that have been lodged within us. Our system works to flush these toxins out when sweating during a sweat lodge ceremony.

Is it Safe to Smoke Sage?

Sage smoking is said to improve memory, reduce perspiration, reduce flatulence, stimulate hunger and promote wound healing. Overexposure to the vaporized fumes may cause illness.

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Prairie Sage in Native Culture/Traditional Meaning

Sage has been used for a variety of different Native American rituals. Depending on the particular culture, sage can be used in medicine pouches, spread over the floor of a sweat lodge, wrapped around sacred implements, used for healing, used to make bad spirits sick, healing, calm, purifying people, or purifying dwellings.

Sage is an important Native American ceremonial plant used by many tribes as incense and a purifying herb. It is burned before traditional ceremonies as a spiritual cleanser and is one of the herbs included in medicine bundles and amulets. Sage is used as a clan symbol in some Native American cultures; tribes with Sage Clans include the Hopi, whose Sage Clan is named Siwapi or Siwapi-Wungwa, and the Pueblo tribe.

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