mint blend pack that is highlighted with herbs contained in the product

Mint Pack

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Ingredients: Hemp Flower/Kąhuxañe Uxra*, Peppermint/Tajiñebuδehu *, Prairie Sage/Haxoje *
*= Ioway Translation

With the scent of the native sagebrush prairies and their cool brisk winds in mind, we brought together three potent plant medicines known for awakening and cleansing the spirit. Our Mint blend, an expertly crafted mixture of organic Prairie Sage, Peppermint, and regeneratively grown Hemp brings us back to the ancestral lands of the Ioway. Together, with the cooling effects of peppermint, restorative properties of sage, and calming nature of CBD, we bring you a distinctly different native hemp cigarette. Within each pack contains 1000+ mg of Full Spectrum CBD and a commitment to bring life and healing back to our lands.  From the soil to the soul, restore your mind with Soje.